"The flexibility and willingness that QLess has shown in understanding our business operations, constraints and needs has been outstanding. This partnership has been very exciting for Johnson County and we look forward to our continued success."

-Amy Meeker Berg, Chief Deputy Treasurer, Johnson County Kansas
"I am so relieved to see customers using it with ease. If we could get all the major offices in the state to use the system, we could completely change the public's perception of the DMV."

-Cyril Wrabec, VP, Paul J. Wrabec Co., Independence License Office, Missouri DMV
"The lines have stopped!"
"The QLess system is fast-working - I just punch 'Next'. [QLess] gives me control of how I work... much more control."
"It's really great - people absolutely love it."

- Cynthia Lattimore, Specialist, Olathe, KS Department of Motor Vehicles


The QLess DMV Solution offers a remarkable new tool for line management at America's DMVs. Long lines are the most common complaint from DMV guests, and they account for much of the anxiety, restlessness and rudeness that DMV employees encounter. The inability to manage long lines during the busy periods is a widespread concern, and considered a nuisance by millions. Our mission is to solve this nationwide problem once and for all.

We are creating a new paradigm in the DMV way of thinking. Customers will no longer have cause for complaint, and DMV employees will now be able to efficiently and conveniently manage their lines. Most importantly, this is all offered at NO COST to your DMV. In fact, we offer you the opportunity to profit from using our system!

A Solution has been found!

QLess, Inc., established in 2007, has developed a queue management system with the proven ability to end the long lines forever. The system manages lines by sending text messages to those in your queue, keeping guests apprised of their status in the line and informing them when their time to be serviced is approaching, thus allowing them to go about their daily lives without the bother of waiting in line. During their lifetime the average American spends about 1.2 days sitting, waiting in the DMV. The QLess program will remedy this waste of time, and improve the DMV experience for everyone involved.

* Only Takes Minutes to Demo! *

QLess DMV Solutions is a wholly owned division of QLess, Inc. Altadena, CA

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